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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Assalamualaikum n hye ^__^

My First Entry in English

WoW!!! so Excited, bcOz 4 sure so Broken English..hahaha

The thing want 2 say here is something about LoL!!!

What is LoL??? LoL is the simplify of Large of Laugh n other may said
Laugh Out Loud but for gamers may know League of Legend.

For me, Whatever!!!!!

The thing here about LoL is about use as Internet Slang and widespread as form of computer-mediated communication.

It juz initialism of L.O.L for expressing bodily.. same thing with R.O.T.F.L
(Rolling On The Floor Laughing)

As long as Smiley and Emoticon have the list of acronyms grows by the month collected with circulated among users of Internet around the world.

These initialism are controversional.

Bcoz, L.O.L can be anything as long as it initialism is LOL

The example
  • Lots of Luck
  • Lots of Love
  • Lost of Live
  • Lymph of Lung
Actually I dont have any idea to write any entry today. That's why I am juz say it is LoL bcoz the date of 8/10/2011 make me Lots of Louds and I will never forget that date
4 sure!!! haha

See u later... Bye2


  1. salam ziarah lagi kesini......
    LoL...wah meanrik entri kali ini.....tapi nak tmbah sikit ley x???

    LoL juga stand for lUv oF L****A........
    p/s: grau2 aje...berani delete la komen nie.....kih3~~~

  2. btw encik akim....
    bukan 8/10/2011
    but 9/10/2011......hahahahaa

  3. Salam Takziah buat pengkomen di atas!!!
    I dont understand word in malay of this entry so
    No comment from Mr Akim..hahahahaha LoL